Monday, 17 October 2011

Well now.........

What to blog today?
I could show you where I'm up to on the Granny Stripe.........except it's exactly the same as last time I showed you!
Or maybe the squares I was working on yesterday? Except they are also just the same as I showed you, just with a few more added.
Or maybe I could show you the "gift for Helen" progress? Maybe not....that hasn't even been looked at today!
So what can I show you today? How about the last little bit of the stash? The bit that I forgot about the other day?
The box of "other" yarns that were stuffed behind the Granny stripes:

Lot's of white cotton, some maroon and some flecked cotton, some pastel bamboo, and some muti cotton left over from this dress.
And the fine yarns:

Sock yarn - for socks :)

Lot's of Paton's 4ply cotton in different colours for dolly clothes and face/dish cloths, any other ideas? And 2 skeins of lilac charity shop 4ply!

3ply, because I have a lovely collection of vintage patterns and they all seem to love 3ply! And crochet cotton - because I will make the matching doily one day! The cone was from the car boot sale and is shimmery stuff that might look nice mixed with another yarn.......or might not.

Regia are now doing laceweight - pretty colourway isn't it? And my favourite yarn in my whole stash Araucania 3x100g. No plans for this other than to love and savour!!!
So what shall I make with those? 
Open to your wonderful ideas :)



LiteraryLadybug said...

OOOh! More yummy stash! Love that colorful Araucania in the last picture. That would be pretty as a wrap or shawl of some sort!

LiteraryLadybug said...
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Inthesky said...

'the last little bit of stash'! You crack me up!! Gorgeous stash!

Secret Sheep said...

I love looking over other people's stash!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, more stash photo's :)
Thanks for the peek at it - it's lovely!

Penelope said...

Oh my goodiness, what a lovely stash you have, I daren't even consider taking photo's of mine in case hubby gets the real picture of what's going on in my hoarding cupboard ! ;0)

Thanks for your comment, it is so important that we don't interfere, rather support our children's work. We have just had a teacher/parents eve and Alice is doing very well, she is a bright button and a lovely well rounded little girl. I am truly blessed having her. I hope your daughter thrives in her new career path xox