Wednesday, 1 December 2010

And over a year later...........

I finally finished another quick make!
July 2009 I had the wonderful idea of knitting myself a cool silky bamboo cotton top. I ordered some beautiful spring green Sirdar Just Bamboo and even carefully selected a pattern created especially for that yarn. The parcel was delivered a couple of days after I ordered and I cast on almost immediately. And then got waylaid by a sock. And another sock. And a few hats, scarves, gloves, Christmas gifts, baby makes......... the list went on. The bamboo top stayed as only a couple of inches of stocking stitch. Until last week. Routing through the cupboard I spied the little pink project bag I had stored it away in. The lovely green brought images of spring days and sunshine and walks out in the warm, bright sunshine. The complete opposite of now with the ice and the cold and 3 pairs of socks and functional warm weatherproof clothing. And so caught in a daydream of warmth and contentment I started to knit.
Three days later and I had finished - the knitting part anyway! It took another 24 hours to shape and sew and sort out all those annoying little ends that unravelled when I tried to weave them in and needed securing with a few stitches of standard cotton thread. I'm not sure I will knit anything on a larger scale from bamboo tape ever again. Far too silky and slippy and unravelly.
So this is what I have ended up with:
It fits wonderfully well and skims and drapes just how I hoped it would. And I just know I am going to enjoy wearing it when the weather warms up once more.
Technical details:
Knitted to fit a size10/12 top (it stretches nicely across a rather large chest on a small frame ;-) )
Sirdar pattern no. 8879.
Sirdar Just Bamboo shade 119 - 6 balls (the pattern states 5 but I only just went into the sixth for maybe a couple of rows of the neckband).
Needles - 5.5mm
Worked in stocking stitch throughout with a garter stitch neckband, minimal raglan shaping for the sleeves, and a little knot detailing at the neck. Very, very easy to knit up and great for a beginner or if watching Kirstie's handmade home or Sweeney Todd.

And in other news - Giveaway winner..................Sparky!
If you send me a PM over on the GP forum I will get your headband off to you. Just remember to tell me what colour you would like and average head size, yourself or a little person. Oh and don't forget to let me have your address :)