Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Quick Knit.

So I decided to take a break from the christmas crafting. I know, so soon. What can I say, I'm easily bored ;-) I decided to knit the cardigan I have been promising myself from the moment I got the wool (scroll down a post for a reminder of what I'm talking about). So I've done the back and the two front pieces. Only the sleeves and the edging to go. I've hit a lull now though and I'm finding it a little repetitve, same wool, same colour, same stitch, and so I thought I would have a little break last night. So I made this:

No, not the baby (well technically........) but the little pumpkin hat. Isn't it so sweet? Not sure if Heather thinks so but I like it. It's in an orange DK, can't remember what exactly, possibly with acrylic content, and knitted on 4mm needles. The curl is stocking stitch and then the main hat is an alternating wide and narrow rib to create the grooved pumpkin effect. At the final row I switched to green DK and created a stocking stitch stalk. Fun to make and finished in just over two hours. Not like the cardigan that is now into it's second week!
Oh well I'm suitably appeased and ready to return to my big project. Oh and a hat for a GPLets make. Next time I'll have some pictures of the cardigan so far. Now I'm off to maybe get a row or two in whilst the boys make apple crumble.
Take care.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

That scarf! And those fruit!

Well I finally managed to get a photo of that scarf knitted for Owen. It's a yummy scarf, knitted with love and care. Do you want to see? Here goes............

So what do you think? It's great isn't it? And do you know why it's so special? Because Helen knitted it for her little brothers christmas gift! She only learned to knit in the summer and her first project was a rough scarf from super chunky wool for herself. This is her second project and I think she has done a fantastic job. Knitted in simple garter stitch, all work her own, from a 100g ball of Robin DK, all used. So she has started her next project which is a scarf for Sophie, this time in stocking stitch which she is just coming to grips with. Not quite what a woman who is about to turn 18 on Saturday is expected to be doing with her evenings in this day and age..........

As for the fruit, well that's finished too. Knitted, packed and in the hands of the Royal Mail as of today. A little picture of the finished work:

You know I'm sure my camera doesn't like green! The pears are a lovely shade of green but they look so washed out on this picture. All knitted from scraps of DK. The orange is acrylic, the apple is something silky from an unremembered source and the pear is merino.

And finally a picture of the hat for Sophie:

Again a simple stocking stitch hat knitted in about 50g or less of a Robin acrylic DK, just like Owen's. Very quick and easy to make, perfect for beginners. In fact Helen is going to make one for Heather after she finishes the scarf. I think I might supply her with some nicer yarn though, maybe a lovely, soft merino......
Well that's the christmas list moving along nicely. Although today the postman brought me a pattern for a jacket which I want to knit for myself with the wool John found in a car boot sale a while ago. I really want to start on that but not sure if I can spare the time with so much left on the christmas list. Although I don't want to see the christmas list as a chore preventing me from getting on with other things. Maybe I'll start the jacket and a christmas project too and see what happens ;-)
Well time to start the evening meal before the family return and Heather wakes. See you soon. xx

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Well I managed to finish the hat for Sophie today. It has turned out rather nicely but I forgot to take any pictures so I will let you all have a peep at that tomorrow. I will show you the scarf for Owen too, and let you in on why it is so special ;-)
I should be cracking on with the mittens to go with Sophie's scarf but I have been a little sidetracked this evening with these:

Knitted fruit! I hope you can recognise them but just in case you can't there is a pear, an orange and an apple. They are a make for a lovely person on the green parent forum and I do so hope they are what she is after. She is an inspiring mama and I am so pleased to be able to do a little something for her. These took just under an hour to make and I have to make two more of each yet. The colours are much more realistic than in the picture but it's late and my camera isn't set right and I am too tired to fiddle with it so this is the best I can do. I do have a bit of a worry though.........we didn't agree a scale for the fruit so not sure if these are big enough?I do hope so but I better not start the others until I know for sure.
Well it's late (2:30am!!) and I'm tired, and I have a little one snoring over on the sofa so I guess it's time to get a few hours sleep. Back soon with pictures of that scarf.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Getting started.

Did you notice I've marked a couple of things done on my christmas to do list? I've decided to set an hour aside each night, no matter how late, and just do a little bit of whatever takes my fancy. So the past few nights I've been knitting. I've managed to make Owen's hat and gloves and should technically mark the scarf as done but I can't just yet. Also there's a little secret to reveal about his scarf but not just yet ;-)
So anyway, want to see the hat and gloves? Well here you go:

What do you think? Colourful enough to warm up cold winter days? Wild enough for a four year old? I hope so. They are knitted from a Robin DK from our local fabric shop. They're 100% acrylic but still soft to touch. I don't really like to use acrylic yarns as you know but I think it is the best option for little childrens winter gloves and hats, if you think about all that wet snow and rain, and mud and dirt. I had to tweak the pattern a little for the gloves as they were sized for a 3-6 year old and Owen has wide hands but stubby fingers. I still have some yarn left from a 100g ball so that has been added to the scarf yarn.
I have also made a start on Sophie's hat which is the same pattern as above but a different colour yarn. Hopefully that will be finished tonight. Or perhaps I will finish off the knitted fruit I am making for a friend on the GP forum. Or maybe both..........