Monday, 7 September 2009

Getting started.

Did you notice I've marked a couple of things done on my christmas to do list? I've decided to set an hour aside each night, no matter how late, and just do a little bit of whatever takes my fancy. So the past few nights I've been knitting. I've managed to make Owen's hat and gloves and should technically mark the scarf as done but I can't just yet. Also there's a little secret to reveal about his scarf but not just yet ;-)
So anyway, want to see the hat and gloves? Well here you go:

What do you think? Colourful enough to warm up cold winter days? Wild enough for a four year old? I hope so. They are knitted from a Robin DK from our local fabric shop. They're 100% acrylic but still soft to touch. I don't really like to use acrylic yarns as you know but I think it is the best option for little childrens winter gloves and hats, if you think about all that wet snow and rain, and mud and dirt. I had to tweak the pattern a little for the gloves as they were sized for a 3-6 year old and Owen has wide hands but stubby fingers. I still have some yarn left from a 100g ball so that has been added to the scarf yarn.
I have also made a start on Sophie's hat which is the same pattern as above but a different colour yarn. Hopefully that will be finished tonight. Or perhaps I will finish off the knitted fruit I am making for a friend on the GP forum. Or maybe both..........


Joxy said...

Ohh very colourful indeed!

I really must do the same, set aside an hour.. I've had a couple of evening where I could have really knocked out a few bits and instead I've either been surfing the net or watching a programme (daft I can watch and crochet at the same time)

Need to shift the, "I can't be bothered" feeling lol.

Pippa said...

They're really lovely!! I have never attempted knitting gloves as they look so tricky. I know what you mean about acrylic, I'd rather use natural fibres too. I did find out that Rowan Pure Wool (in DK and Aran) is machine washable at 40 degrees though, and I've used that for jumpers for Minnie before, the colour range is a bit limited though. I love the multi-coloured wool you have used!

Talie said...

Lovely! Nice and colourful :)