Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Knitting in the news.

Knitting in the news for the right reasons, not just as a publicity stunt. Mind you back in my Grandma's day knitting would never have been used for a publicity stunt.
I so agree with the authors words. Hence the blog ;-)
But for lovers of extreme knitting - how about your own knitted tank top?

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Well it wasn't my fault!

John really should have known better!
Why what did he do?
Well we were in Liverpool and he said that I should pop into Abakhan to see if they sold the Patons shadow tweed I needed to finish my cardigan. I only need one ball. Well they didn't have it. In fact they don't appear to have any Patons yarns. But they did have this:

And it is very soft and beautiful colours. Just right for a warm, snuggly winter hat and scarf.
So I bought 6 balls.
But it was a bargain at only £1.99 per ball.
Well would you have resisted?
I think I had definitely better search online for the elusive ball of shadow tweed.
And I better whisper this..........I went to our local yarn shop for the same reason and didn't come away emptyhanded. I just happened to need a couple of skeins from there too. Really. They just shouldn't be so appealing. Patons colour 4 me pure wool in fantastic shades:

And another thing, they're always worth getting if they are in danger of becoming homeless aren't they? So a couple of skeins of Mirasol T'ika have come my way courtesy of a GP mama:

The same mama has some lovely Araucania she is hoping to rehome too and I am imagining the lovely warm woolies I could make for my boys with that. But which shade to go for? I will get back to that question tomorrow as I am sure she is fed up of waiting for my reply. Trying desperately to restrain myself from asking for both!!!

OK who's interested in setting up a yarnbuyers anonymous? I fear my addiction is becoming out of control!

And the winner of the sock giveaway is...........

decided by the dice.
Six entrants so DH rolled the dice and it landed on number 4.
And that was you Carolyn.
Thanks everyone.

Sunday, 11 October 2009


So I thought I should sort out my stash.
I took all the crates and boxes and tipped them in the middle of the floor. The boys loved helping. I patted and stroked and planned and enjoyed. Some nice, some not so nice. Some absolutely gorgeous... And then I tidied it all away again.

More hats!

A hat for a GP little one:

Debbie Bliss Rialto in baby pink with a cotton flower and button trim.

And a hat for Emma:

Cream cotton DK with matching fower and bead trim.

Cardigan is almost finished but I ran out of wool. Blast!! Not sure I'm safe to search for an extra ball as I can't afford to fall to the temptation of gorgeous yarns. Might have to ask Helen to find it online for me to help me resist the urge to browse. Although she seems to be falling under the spell of the lovely merino wool she is using to knit a hat for Heather. She is definitely noticing the difference in texture and the pleasure in working it after using acrylic yarns for her first step in knitting.......

Monday, 5 October 2009

A sock beginners giveaway.

I have such a lot of unfinished projects. And most of them are socks! I have two pairs on the needles for dear husband, 1 pair for Helen, and 1 pair for Heather. Also have a few more planned. And so I was sorting through these projects earlier and I wondered if other knitters were as fond of knitting socks as I am. Well half pairs anyway.......
So I thought why not spread the sock addiction? And how better than a little giveaway to tempt you all to take up the challenge?
So here you are, a complete sock knitting kit to be had. A set of five 2.5mm DPN's, a ball of Patons cotton 4ply (enough for one pair of adult socks), a really easy to follow pattern, and a handy little sock knitters guide. OK I know the idea of an adult in white socks might be a little bleurgh, but it's great yarn to practise with, you can dye it any colour you wish if you like the finished socks, and best of's free!
So if you want to see what all the sock fuss is about then just leave me a comment before next Monday and the kit could be yours.

And another hat.

This cardigan is taking sooo long. But at last the end is in sight. Only half a sleeve and then the edgings and trims to go. Should be finished by the end of the week. Well I hope so as it is so cold round here right now.
Poorly children mean I have been sat up the past few nights so knitting has been a great pastime. Lat week I spotted some lovely wool in the yarn shop. I just bought one ball as it was a patterned wool and I wanted to see how it would knit up before committing to a full project and also before spending money. I have way too big a stash to justify adding to it at the moment but this wool was lovely. 100% merino by Adriafil in cute shades of blue, pink and white.

I decided to knit yet another hat for Heather. Knitted on a set of 4mm DPN's it took only two hours in total. The flower took another 30 minutes.

Only problem is, in my sleep deprived state, I didn't check the sizing and just launched straight in. So I can't show you a picture of Heather wearing it as it is just slightly too large. Oh well, at least I have one ready for christmas. But I might just make a slightly smaller one for wearing now....
Oh well, thats about all for now. Hopefully when I next post I will have the cardigan finished. Or at least I can hope so.