Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Knitting in the news.

Knitting in the news for the right reasons, not just as a publicity stunt. Mind you back in my Grandma's day knitting would never have been used for a publicity stunt.
I so agree with the authors words. Hence the blog ;-)
But for lovers of extreme knitting - how about your own knitted tank top?


Dawn said...

Cool, I loved the knitted bus when that was doing the rounds on the net too.

Shazronnie said...

I think you probably have enough yarn to knit that tank top...

Anonymous said...

~That's a great article, I can identify with quite a lot of it! Especially where it says about feeling closer to the previous generation, My Nannie was an accomplished knitter and when I was a kid she taught us to knit, I didn't maintain it, I think I found it hard and frustrating, but recently I took it up again, I'm enjoying it much more now and often when I sit and knit I think of her, sometimes, I will her to 'send' me some knitting talent!! I wish that she were still here to help me with the difficult bit and give me some advice!! I wonder what happened to her needles? It would be lovely to knit with her needles, I shall have to ask my Mum!
I also giggled a bit at the part where it said you like to brag! I totally do! I'm still a bit embarrased about knitting at work and stuff but then when I get compliments I love it!!!!

lucy said...

thats a brilliant article ,i especially agree with the bit about knitting being relaxing and calming i dont think i would of got through the last couple of months without knitting :)

i love the pompom hanging off the gun of the tank :)

Lucy xx