Monday, 8 June 2009

Snug as a bug.

Why no post for over a week?
Well apart from reaching the final stage of growing a baby, which is taking up most of my time and energy, I have been finishing projects. It's amazing how much you can get done if you ignore the lure of the web, stay away from forums, pretend ebay doesn't exist and most important of not look at online wool shops!!
So I finished the first pair of socks, and the next, but no pictures, my dearest one has them in the Isle of Man as we speak and has reported back that he has lovely warm feet if nothing else. Apparently it is very cold and wet there and camping would not be his first choice right now ;-) Did not finish the third and final pair so they are now a Fathers day project instead. Or maybe a September birthday........or maybe a Christmas gift....
But I have finished something else. Remember the last post about the Sirdar snuggly for £3. And not knowing what to do with it all. Well this is what it has become:

Now Cain is doing a great job of modelling it but it was Jeni that actually bagsied it and wears it slung around her shoulders through the night and whilst watching TV, sat at the PC etc. I was going to add non slip matting to the bottom and use it as a baby rug for the floor but it just grew and grew and then I couldn't say no to Jen as she was so enchanted with the snuggly softness of it.
The details - well very, very simple. Using 3 balls of taupe yarn together and 9mm needles cast on 40sts and work in garter stitch until 9 balls are almost used up then cast off. Then do the same with the cream, then the same with the rest of the taupe. Then stitch all three pieces together. How easy is that? Total yarn used - 18 taupe and 9 cream. Finished size - approximately 200cms x 100cms. I was originally planning something more square in dimensions but once I realised how snuggly it was I realised one of the family would like it as a wraparound/shawl type creation and so went for length rather than added width.
Right, not a great time to be up and awake but seeing as sleep seems to be limited to only 3 or 4 hours a night at the moment I think I will see what else I can finish off.......