Friday, 31 July 2009

Quick fixes.

Another long pause between posts........
Well I needed to craft but it's so difficult with two spirited boys to share my time with, and then add a newborn who I can't bear to separate myself from and there is simply no time at all. I did start knitting a pair of plain white cotton leggings from Heather but 4ply on 2.75mm needles is veery time consuming, even in a newborn size. Anyway I did manage to get them done, although it took well over two weeks. And then the first time she tried them on she pooped on them so no pictures to show!
So I went for the quick and easy option instead and made a couple of small things instead.
First was a toy for Heather, a little crocheted flower/sunshine rattle. Just two crocheted circles in yellow DK on a 3.5mm hook in DC and then 8 small DC triangles in green. I embroidered the smiling face on one circle, stitched the triangles all round, oversewed the second circle to the back thus hiding all stitching/loose ends, left a small hole to stuff with two bells and wool, and then closed up. Very pleased with it. So light and tactile for little baby hands.

Saturday, 4 July 2009


Well as you all know I have been otherwise occupied just lately with my beautiful little girl and so not much chance for crafting. Not to say I haven't thought about it though ;-)
So first a few bargains:

Sale here (fab bargains - check them out, fast delivery too!)and I couldn't resist this lot.......and all for under £25. You know I can't say no to Mirasol, especially if it's on offer! And the bamboo I thought might make a nice top for me when I return to a more normal size. I have plenty of time to get to that size though as I don't think I'll be knitting much for the near future. Although sleepless nights and slings are a way round that......... As for the sock wool......well it's sock wool and it was on sale, what more can I say, especially as i was very restrained and bought only two balls!

And then there was dearest husbands visit to the car boot sale last Saturday. The phone rang and it was himself to tell me that there was a woman there who had lots of wool for sale. After getting him to read the various labels to me and find out prices I decided that the Paton's Shadow Tweed sounded reasonable, especially for £5 for the full 600g. Do I have the maddest husband around then? Oh the Robins Rhythm are 50g balls of pure wool and only 25p a ball at the local charity shop. I really wanted to buy the lot but for one thing had decided to definitely buy no more yarn until I get time to use it, and for another thing, I have no idea what to make with it! There was lots more assorted wools there too so had to drag myself away.

And onto makes. Well there hasn't been many since my last post. A little more work on the latch hook rug before Heather arrived and nothing since. Well until last night. All the hats I made Heather were a little big (remember I usually have much bigger babies....) and she really needs a sunhat so with her happily wrapped and sleeping against me I managed to crochet this little hat:

I used this 4 ply cotton (near the bottom) and a pattern from this book and it took a couple of hours and is very lightweight and an almost perfect fit. And of course one last picture because I can't resist, Heather Rose modelling her new hat: