Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Buying yarn!!!

So much for using up my stash before buying more.
Made a trip to the yarn shops and topped up a little ;-) Although I do think it's only reasonable, after all I am finding it increasingly more uncomfortable and painful to walk and so soon will be housebound once again, and I need something to occupy my mind whilst trapped inside.
So first off we have this selection of 100% merino 50g balls from James C. Brett. The wool is beautifully soft as you would expect and the colours are ideal for bright summer days. Thinking of soakers/knicks, shoes and hats for bump. There's also one odd ball of Sirdar Click to edge the crochet blanket I have almost finished.

Next we have a 10 pack of 50g Playtime baby DK microfibre in a pink/lilac/lemon colour combination, which was only £6.99 from Abakhan. Not toos sure if I like it really as it is not my usual thing but temptation (and price) got the better of me whilst in the queue to pay! Not sure what I'm going to do with it, maybe baby cardigans, leggings or so?

Next buy - a car boot sale bargain 5 balls of 100g Patons cotton 4 ply, and the pattern book, AND the reusable bag to carry them in, all for just £1! I dare anyone to resist that offer ;-) No idea what I'm using this for either but will think of something I'm sure. I did think maybe little socks, bibs and hats which could then be dyed a brighter colour? And if anyone wants the booklet then just say. It has a few "interesting" patterns, very early 60's and some good basic instructions for learners.

And finally this wool today from the local lovely yarn shop. New in, not yet on the shelves, I spotted it before it was even unpacked. Aren't those colours amazing? And its 100% virgin Merino so feels amazing. Can't wait to see it knitted up!

Dare I admit I have also placed an order at getknitted for some lovely Mirasol Tika FT 100% Pima cotton. But it was only £2 a hank in the clearance sale so obviously a bargain too hard to turn away. Oh and some sock yarn too.......... Ooops, I will have some work ahead!


Earthmummy xx said...

Hi Becks
I was just wondering if you got my PM on Green Parent?

cool wool BTW,
Izzi x

Dawn said...

Some great wool for your baby projects, can't wait to see what you make. I love the colours of the last one - gorgeous!

Dawn x (GP)

lilac73 said...

Now you've given me another site to go and look at...oops! ;)

shell said...

gorgeous wool Becks - I'd love the booklet if no-one else wants it xxx

Becks said...

It's yours Shell.
Will pop in the post sometime this week, along with the magazine I borrowed.

shell said...

Oh, thanks very much Becks - just re-learned the granny square so new stitches will be great. Hope you found the magazine useful. xxx

Claire said...

Another wool stasher! Thought Shell was the only one! xxx