Thursday, 16 April 2009


Yay, I finished the blanket.
Actually it didn't take too long really. Thanks to Joxy for the advice on edging the rug and fixing up the bumpy edges. I edged it in a single row of double crochet right the way round in Sirdar click in the green shade. Finished measurements are 90cms x 70cms and it used eleven 50g balls in total. It is very thick and warm and soft and I think as a blanket it might be a little warm for summer but it will be nice for baby to lay on whilst on the sofa (cold leather!) or an outdoor rug even for picnics, days out and so on.

And I have been spending money again. Not wool this time but this sweet little book.

It contains such wonderful projects and how-to's on subjects from how to milk a cow, to how to knit a shawl, to how to predict the weather. Aparently all essential skills for the traditional prairie girl. Very Little house on the Prairie and soooo enjoyable.


shell said...

That looks fantastic

Jacqui said...

I bet you fond loads of uses for it too Becks :) Blanket looks eat - so does your stash on the previous post. xx

lilac73 said...

Looks lovely, I love how your idea of 'finally' is so different to mine, it's taken me three weeks to do a jumper for DS2 (he's 1 next week) and that's relatively normal for me, I've one for myself that keeps getting put away in order to do things for others and will definitely be a 'finally' when it gets done (2 years so far)