Friday, 10 April 2009

Changed plans!

The blanket for bump was coming along very, very slowly. And time is becoming a slight issue here. 10 weeks to finish, and start, all baby bump projects! And I have a lot of things to make. So the patchwork knitted blanket in various shades of Sirdar click has been ditched. Instead I have decided to crochet one instead. Becoming increasingly confident in my crochet abilities, well the stitch I have mastered so far ;-) and so thought this would be a much quicker way to get the blanket finished. I just started with a chain of 121 loops and continued back and forth in treble crochet using one full ball at a time. So far I have worked my way through almost 6 balls since last Saturday so flying along. The knitted squares had taken me well over a month and I had only used 3 balls of yarn! Maybe this is because the crochet is more portable so can be whipped out on the bus, in the park, or anywhere I can sit for a few minutes? But the best thing about switching to crochet making up! No stitching together of lots of squares and deciding which goes where. How pleased I was when that thought came to mind. Makes it worthwhile pulling down the squares I had already knitted! So here's how we were getting on yesterday:

Not sure crochet is supposed to have those bumpy edges as I know knitting doesn't but still, I like it and I guess I can only get better as time goes by. My poor knitting needles must be feeling abandoned ;-)


Joxy said...

Hey hon, yes the treble stitch does produce a "lumpy" effect on the edges. The easiest way to neaten up once you've finished is to crochet round the edge with the double crochet stitch in a contrasting colour. And if you block it afterwards too it will give it a really proffesional finish. (Not that I can often be bothered with the pavala of blocking lol)


shell said...

that looks gorgeous.

Jacqui said...

You could be tempting me down the crochet path here. I tried to learn but being corrie fisted, I suffered badly from right handed teachers. Blanket is looking very snuggly. xx