Friday, 17 April 2009

What do you think?

Crochet soakers!
First attempt at making these in either knit or crochet. Thought I would give crochet a try first as it seems to be a bit quicker to grow. Quite pleased with the result. The legs are a bit wonky, one hole is slightly bigger than the other, but overall they seem ok. Now just have to decided whether to lanolise them to use as wraps, or just to leave as they are and have very cute knickers?

Anyway details - pattern is in the latest Let's knit magazine, along with a few other styles, another crochet with frills to the backside, and a knit one. The wool I used for these is James C. Brett 100% Merino. It took one 50g ball and just a little of a second ball in the green, and then obviously just scraps for the dots and edgings.

So as you can see I am really loving learning crochet. Can't believe I have avoided it for so long. In fact I have even splashed out on a new book full of gorgeous patterns. Can't wait to try a few, but need a little more practise first I think.


Joxy said...

Ohhhhhhhh I really like the soakers.
Is that magazine int he shops, think I might have topick it up and have a go myself, I've been looking for a soaker pattern.. I made it up as I went for the one's I did for Sarah but it would be nice to have a proper pattern to follow.

You are really coming along - mind crochet is beautifully easy to pick up :)

Claire said...

Oh oh oh! Why CAN'T I read patterns and can only crochet in straight lines?! Gorgeous little knicks - well done xxx