Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Quick Knit.

So I decided to take a break from the christmas crafting. I know, so soon. What can I say, I'm easily bored ;-) I decided to knit the cardigan I have been promising myself from the moment I got the wool (scroll down a post for a reminder of what I'm talking about). So I've done the back and the two front pieces. Only the sleeves and the edging to go. I've hit a lull now though and I'm finding it a little repetitve, same wool, same colour, same stitch, and so I thought I would have a little break last night. So I made this:

No, not the baby (well technically........) but the little pumpkin hat. Isn't it so sweet? Not sure if Heather thinks so but I like it. It's in an orange DK, can't remember what exactly, possibly with acrylic content, and knitted on 4mm needles. The curl is stocking stitch and then the main hat is an alternating wide and narrow rib to create the grooved pumpkin effect. At the final row I switched to green DK and created a stocking stitch stalk. Fun to make and finished in just over two hours. Not like the cardigan that is now into it's second week!
Oh well I'm suitably appeased and ready to return to my big project. Oh and a hat for a GPLets make. Next time I'll have some pictures of the cardigan so far. Now I'm off to maybe get a row or two in whilst the boys make apple crumble.
Take care.


Karen said...

I can't believe you made that in two hours!!!! I'm impressed! It would have took me weeks!

Claire said...

I made one, but got the sizings completely wrong. So what was meant to be for a newborn baby has ended up fitting Sophie. 4mm needles, right better find some and try again!

Roof said...

That's lovely! I am jealous that a) you knit it in 2 hours and b) you got 2 hours in one go (or did you?) and didn't fall asleep!
I settle down to knit each evening but start dozing within half an hour!
Going to have a go at this though for Thom - lets see it I can do it in time for 31st.....