Sunday, 30 August 2009

New name same old blog.

So what do you think of the new look? All new and shiny in the hope that I get chance to post a little more often. So why "sat on the back of the sofa"? Well its fairly obvious really. The sofa is much more comfortable than my rocker for all the feeds we are enjoying so that I tend to do my knitting and sewing there too. This means that most of the things I'm working on just get left on the back of the sofa whilst I go off to do other things. Go on admit it, you do the same thing. You're sitting there, enjoying five minutes to yourself, maybe reading a book, sewing or knitting a little, or just watching tv. Then you hear that call. "Mummmmmmmmm". So you throw whatever you were doing or holding behind your head and onto the top of the sofa and there it stays sometimes for minutes, sometimes for hours, or if you're family is anything like this one, more likely for days.
So whats at the back of the sofa just now?
Well the title picture just about shows it all. A muslin cloth, not very crafty but necessary for dribbly baby days. A knitting bag containing lots of crochet squares being gathered to create a snuggly blanket as one of Sophies christmas gifts. Do you want a sneak peek at this? Well here you go:

So what do you think? Its beautifully soft and the squares are very quick and simple to make. I'm very pleased with it so far but I'm not sure how long it's going to take to make. Each square is roughly 10cms so I need to make lots and lots. The yarn is an acrylic called playtime which was on offer in Abakhan and should hold up to Sophies handling very well.
Also up there on the back of the sofa is a ball of multi coloured wool ready to knit a hat for Owen, another christmas gift. Then theres a hair scrunchie, essential crafting equipment as without it human hair would be an integral part of all my makes. Oh the joys of post birth, hair loss galore. Then the next thing we find is again unrelated to crafting at all but essential relaxation - a book. Current reading is James Lovelock's The revenge of Gaia, very grim. Then there are a couple of Heathers toys - a crochet sunflower rattle and a knitted snake with rattly tail. And then finally a piece of fabric left over from sewing Helen's new curtains and cushions. I think its going to make a nice little bag for Sophie don't you?
Well must dash now, I hear little squeaks from the snoozing body alongside me. More updates soon.


shell said...

Blog looks great. I don't use the back of the sofa I use the arm as it's very big and flat - not even going to begin to list what is on there as it would take too long and distupt my 'organising' ;-). Look at that Christmas list - your going to be one very busy Mama!!

Joxy said...

Love it. I do try to leave stuff on the back of my sofa too.. but it tends to fall down the back and get forgotten lol.

And wow that is a list and half :) I need to crack on with mine too.

Pippa said...

I put things on the back of my sofa too!! If I didn't, Conor or one of the children would come and put their bums down on whatever I had left there! Seriously, I couldn't bear to sit on a pile of papers, knitting, hardback books etc, but they do!!! When I change the loose covers on the sofa (in a blue moon), it's just amazing what I find that has wormed it's way from the top, right down under the cushions!!

Talie said...

Love the new look! I'm with Shell I'm afraid, definately more room on the arms ;) I have a special chair arm in the corner. It's against a wall so it makes a perfect shelf Lol!

lilac73 said...

Mine goes down the side of the sofa, behind a little cupboard, out of little hands way. There's a gap between sofa and wall so I'd lose it if it went there or one of the boys would try and pull it down