Thursday, 20 October 2011

Cuddling up.

Take a (4mm) hook and start making these:

Squishy Debbie Bliss baby casmerino and James C. Brett pure merino - mmmmm.

Reverse the colour sequence (more than once!):

Run out of lemon when edging the last square and make an emergency trip to the LYS for some more, feeling extraordinarily pleased to discovered that two years apart the dye lot is the same! Use the same lemon to join the squares AND edge the whole thing:

Find some pretty co-ordinating soft cord and try to avoid too much pinning and sewing by machinestitching the backing to the inner edge of the outer round (confused??) and so making a pretty little trim:

Stuff with a pillow and place not-so-artfully on the mama made throw on the Papa revamped chair, and admire:

Yes that is a potty with an L plate - a certain little girlie is finding it a bit cold up there using the toilet ans likes a potty downstairs just in case......

Aaaahhhhh, lovely........... the cushion, not the potty!

Now back to the Hitchhiker.



Joxy said...

Oooh lovely sheen on that yarn! And love your colour combo..and no didn't quite follow the attaching of fabric on the back.... so I'll probably be banging on your door for advise when i finally get around to making myself some more cushions! :D

Daisie said...

Beautiful! x

Inthesky said...

That chair looks so inviting, I wouldn't have noticed the potty if you hadn't have pointed it out! Love the 'L' plate.

Shazronnie said...

Lovely colours, an d I love the backing fabric too :)

Shell said...

That is fab xx

Sarah said...

Wow, that cushion looks great! I wish I could crochet :)