Monday, 10 October 2011

Creative spaces.

Oh there are so many lovely creative spaces around blogland, sheds and craft rooms and attics and all sorts of hidden little nooks where all kinds of creativity whirrs on. So today, in complete contrast to all those wonderful spaces, I thought I would show you one of my creative spaces.
Most of my knitting and hooking happens in the living room on the sofa but sewing is different. Sewing needs it's own special place. All those sharp scissors and needles, and cutters......yes, they definitely need storing away in a safe place with all these interested little ones around. So where is this sewing space? Well it's here:

In the bedroom! Or part of the bedroom. My beloved one found this bureau in a recycling shop a while ago and thought it would be perfect for my sewing machine rather than the wobbly old side table I had complained about for so long. So he happily parted with his £10 note (he's got a great eye for a bargain you know), and loaded the bureau into the car. Back home he sanded down all the dark wood stain and then painted it a fresh bright white. He hoiked it up to the bedroom, placed my sewing machine on it and toted away the rickety side table. What a lovely surprise that was.
 And then a few weeks later he did it again, finding this cool mirror in the car boot sale for only £2, although it was again finished in a dark 80's mahogany stain. So he sanded again, whipped out his trusty paintbrush and turned the mirror into the beautiful thing it now is. Isn't it shocking how so much stuff is unloved and unwanted when all it needs is to be seen through a new pair of eyes?

So that's my sewing space, my little area of creativity. Not an attic, or a room, or a shed, but a cosy little space just for me. All my scissors, needles, pins and cutters hidden away in the top section, along with jars of buttons (aren't washed out spice jars just so handy for button storage by the way?), patchwork templates, hole punches and various keep-away-from-small-people things. The drawers are just the right size for my stash of ribbons and trims, and the little cupboard section at the bottom holds my stack of felt and a big bag of washed fleece for toy stuffing. And best of all the pull down front means a fab surface to work at the sewing machine:

Unfortunately the bureau isn't big enough to store my sewing machine in but I'm quite happy for that to stand there looking pretty in it's very own cover on top of that big wicker chest where, if you peek inside, you will find all my favourite fabrics hiding. And whilst I'm telling you about my little bargains I have to let you know that the chest there was another fabulous car boot sale find for only £8. I snapped it up and when I opened the lid I found another 2 chests hidden inside! How wonderfully happy was I? The two baby chests now live downstairs and hide away some of my yarns along with just about every other piece of furniture in that room...........
Oh just one more little thing to share. Do you see that little vintage sewing box standing next to the chest:

That was yet another of our lovely car boot sale finds. I am so envious when so many bloggers show off their latest bargain vintage fabric finds as I never find any, but I think I have been oh so lucky in the furniture finding, don't you? My lovely sewing box was only £2.50 although I would gladly have paid a lot more! It's looking a little out of sorts though don't you think? Hmmm maybe that's next on the list for a makeover......

So what kind of creative space do you have? A super big and bright area all of your own? Or a tiny but cosy little snatched piece of your home? I do so hope you're happily crafting away in a space that inspires you.

Oh and in case you thought I'd forgotten - the knitty thing is done! But it definitely needs blocking before Ican show you looking as good as I am hoping it will look. So tomorrow then?



Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this. At the moment my sewing equipment is scattered into several places. I shall have to get organised.

Inthesky said...

Some great ideas here for space saving and getting organised, you have had some great finds. I will be interested to see your sewing box make over. It was a snip at the price! Very functional but I agree it is lacking a little something....:)

Pretty Shabby UK said...

Love the make over. What a nice suprise for you, I hate seeing all the sa looking furniture on the car boot sales, i just wanna take it home and upcycle it. If only my house was bigger....