Sunday, 9 October 2011

Settling for a bit of this.........

 and a bit of that:

Going one step further than the patchwork cushions:

And dipping my toe in the world of quilting:

Even the beloved man got to join in this little patch (boo!!) of creativity by tidying up this sad little thing:

Loving it's transformation:

And for the grand price of........

wait for it...........


Wicker chair from the car boot sale, the seller swore blind it was a genuine Lloyd Loom but I don't think anyone believed him as he couldn't raise his £10 asking price. The beloved one bargain him down to six whole pounds. Wandering around we found another stallholder selling cans of spray paint for £1 so bought three to transform the chair from it's sickly lilac to a lovely antique white.
The fabrics are leftovers from assorted makes - the obviously Ikea birdie print and the deeper green was left over from the bathroom blind, the light green used to be Owen's bunk bed curtains, the tiny scarp in the centre was one of Heather's slings, the granny floral was left from making the caravan curtains and the pinky satin trim was the lining of another sling. The reverse fabric is Craig's old duvet cover, he's far too grown up for a mama made wild floral bedroom don't you know? As for the crochet flowers, well surely you recognise that yarn? Yes, it's the half skein left over from the cardi I just made Sophie. 

So there we go - super happy with my bargain recycled piece of loveliness, and doubly happy with my first little foray into quilting. Not a patch ( I know - again!) on some of the beautiful quilts I covet daily on fabulous blogs, I wouldn't want you thinking that! The stitching is a bit on the wavy wandering side, and the placement is a bit skewiff in places creating a few little ruffles when the ends were reached, not to mention that a little of the lining is held in place more by luck and repeated hemming than by any level of skill, but hey it's my first attempt and it certainly won't be my last. And now I know why those books are so detailed......and to follow them too!!

Another project finished, no more to be started until I finish the ones in progress. Back tomorrow with another completed...........I hope!


Pretty Shabby said...

Wow, thats fab...I love it when i get a bargain, ever better when i make something as fab as that for cheap :)

Shell said...

Fab. Love the colours xxx

Sarah said...

That is some awesome recycling you have going on there! Very inspirational :)

Inthesky said...

How pretty and thrifty too. Well done, great teamwork. :)

Sarah (Crafts From The Cwtch) said...

Thatlooks fab! Lovely colours!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, knitting does count for KCWC - you can make your clothes in whatever way you choose, but an hour of knitting isn't as productive as an hour of sewing (for me, anyway) so I'm just sewing :)