Saturday, 29 October 2011

All wrapped up.

I have finally finished something else. At last! 
You want to see what I've finished?
Then here you go:

Forgive the bad picture!

Very snuggly, wouldn't you agree?
A lovely warm, squidgy, winter scarf to go with the lovely warm, squidgy, winter hat I knitted a few days ago:

Another bad picture!

At last, something to put away for gifting. Just hoping now that Jen will like it. Oh, and that I can find a similar shade of DK to knit a pair of gloves to go with......

Knitted up with the other three 100g skeins of Wendy Serenity super chunky, using 10mm needles so finished in a flash. I wasn't sure about whether to add the fringe but now it's on I like it, kind of finishes off the scarf properly I think?
So what about that other bit of knitting do I hear you ask? The dashing-along-without-a-care-until-the-very-last-row bit of knitting? Well I finished it! Yes, the Hitchhiker is all done, wrapped up and put away for gifting to another grown girl. So I'll share a peek shall I?

I need a bigger room to lay it out in!

What do you think? The photo is so bright but then the colours are just as they seem. Just right for the woman who loves colour and brightness and fun:

I really enjoyed knitting up this scarf and I'm already fairly sure there may be another one appearing pretty soon. A quick reminder of the technicalities - Hitchhiker pattern is found on Ravelry. The yarn is King Cole Riot DK. The pattern originally used 150g Wollmeisse sock yarn I think but the Riot is a thin DK, edging close to a 4ply so it turned out a nice size. I used around 165g altogether to get the full 42 teeth worked. The King Cole yarn was ok to work with if a little splitty and I'm glad it was a simple garter stitch pattern as it meant the snagging didn't slow me down too much, well, until I got to that last row already blogged about! I think this scarf would look wonderful knitted up in Noro, and would be a real luxury item. In fact the guy in our LYS did briefly think it was Noro until I told otherwise. Maybe I'll knit the next one in a smoother sock yarn? We'll see. But before i think about that I have more projects in mind, and another cast on already.
Oh in case you're wondering - the Pixie hat was the size of a newborn so that's gone to the Dolly wardrobe already!



Sarah said...

The scarf looks lovely, and the colour is gorgeous! However, the Hitchhiker looks awesome :) I have knit with King Cole before and find that a lot of their yarn splits, so doubly well done to you for sticking with it! I am sure that both recipients will be delighted with their gifts :)

karisma said...

Very nice! Both of them. Love the colours in the hitchhiker and the scarf looks very squishy and warm! Makes me wish xmas time was in winter here. People kind of look at you funny when you present them with warm woollies in the middle of a hot summer. Hmmmm

Pumpkin Pie Baby said...

I love both of these scarves. And I didn't think anyone else used the word squidgy. My daughter, a couple of years ago, started calling things squidgy, but she was only 2. That brings back great memories.