Friday, 21 October 2011

Easy? Right!

Today I knit a quick and easy hat for a yule gift. The knitting went a little like this - cast on, single rib for six rows, commence lace pattern. Work 1st row. Work 2nd row. Work 3rd row. Work 4th row. See the pattern emerging? Work 5th row. Realise a stitch is missing. Rip back 3 rows. Re-work 3rd row. Re-work 4th row. Re-work 5th row. Realise a stitch is missing. Hmm a new pattern emerging I think. Rip back 3 rows. Re-work 3rd row counting and checking every single stitch. Re-work 4th row. Re-work 5th. Continue with pattern.
Heave a sigh of relief at finally establishing the lace pattern and zoom through the rest of the knitting.
 Find a beautiful girl to model the too-large hat.:

Luckily the hat is for one of the big girls, most probably the model's mum :)
See - fairly simple repeat right?

Technical specifications:

Pattern - Erie by Helen Ardley (free supplement with Let's Knit November 2011).
Yarn - Wendy Serenity super chunky
Amount - approximately 90g
Needles - Pair of 9mm
Time to knit - 90 minutes (eventually!!)
Difficulty level - Hahahahaha 

Let's hope the scarf isn't as awkward!



Secret Sheep said...

Very beautiful model. After all that, I think I'd have stuck with the rib!

Anonymous said...

Hi There from Melbourne, Australia.
Im REALLY hoping you can help me.
I saw your bath mat in pom pom wool & am hoping you can advise me on how to CAST OFF effectively. I have knitted a LARGE blanket for the impending arrival of my first Grandchild. I cast on 60 stitches & started knitting. What a mistake. I had no idea it would end up so wide but I carried on & just bought more yarn. Now I am ready to cast off if I only knew how. YOU-TUBE show a method to use on scarves but it will pull in tight I is a nice flat blanket at the mo' . I cast on using a Spanish you-tube lesson. I don't speak Spanish but copied the Signora. Do you have any advice other than trimming the pom pons off to leave the cord/yarn?
I am in a hurry a getting desperate... :-/

Anonymous said...

By the way - it looks great & will be a fantastic cot blanket if I can cast off without pulling it all in at the top. I have so many other baby crafts ready to do but want to finish this before beginning another. :-) thanks in advance ( my fingers are crossed)