Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Little lovings.

Aaargh, I ran out of lemon DB baby cashmerino with only one crochet square left to edge! Well actually I lie, I didn't run out, but I knew I would because I measured the yarnage (good word huh?) on the fourth from last square and realised I had enough to edge three and a half more squares. You want to know my mathematical way of working out if I have enough in these situations? It only works for regular patterns mind - squares, stripes etc. I wait until I have four squares left to edge and then I pull out the remaining yarn, find the centre point and tie a slipknot, find the centrepoint of that length and then slipknot again. I then continue edging the next square and if I don't reach the slipknot then I know I have enough for three more squares. If I do reach the slipknot then I'm stuffed! I do the same for my Granny Stripe. Find the centrepoint and then the quarterpoint the same way and then crochet till I get halfway along the row, (it's a two row stripe pattern you see). Ingenious eh? So anyway back to the squares. So I knew I wasn't going to have enough and needed to formulate a plan. Only I didn't like the plans that came to mind so I reluctantly decided to visit the LYS and buy another skein. Reluctant only because I knew it would be hard being surrounded by shelves and shelves of scrummy yarn goodness and NOT buying anything other than the solitary skein of DB baby cashmerino. And I did really well you know. I walked straight past the fabric shop with only a peek through the window. I went into the yarn store, I picked up the cashmerino, I walked over to the counter..........and then I spotted the cutest little hat in the window. The colours were lovely, all stripes of soft fluffy brightness. And so you know what I did, right? I  paid for my one skein and left the shop? No - I bought this:

King Cole Mirage DK.

But you see how restrained I was? Only two skeins! Wasn't I good? Haha, not really, there was only two skeins in that colourway left ;)

Today I finally got round to packaging my gifts for a Mama Love swap I took part in. A little (lot!) late for a multitude of reasons but it's all done now and I hope the Mama loves it. I'm pretty sure she doesn't read here but Sal if you do then look away now.
So this is what I sent:

Little scarfette knitted in James C Brett Marble chunky with a little wooden pin.

Aviatrix in James C. Brett merino, ready for a spring baby.

Tea and biscuits - Dove farms organic gluten free lemon ginger cookies, with a cup of rose and chamomile tea, ginger sweeties for queasy days.

Bamboo/cotton facecloth and soapbag, with a bar of everything free lemongrass soap, a lavender sachet and a handrolled beeswax candle. And the lovely Aviatrix again ;)

Lot's of little lovings don't you think?

And talking of loving, this is a blog I am really loving right now. I can't believe Sarah only has eleven followers, maybe you all have her bookmarked instead? If not then why not? Sarah's weaving is beautiful and mastered so quickly, and every single post brings a smile. Go on, go over and take a peek, you'll be glad you did :)

So what's happening tonight? Well a little madam is actually asleep for once so I'm going to open up that new skein of cashmerino and get on with finishing the crochet squares project, ready to share with you tomorrow..........I hope!

Happy crafting everyone.


karisma said...

What a gorgeous gift box. I love the little helmut, too cute. A gift worth waiting for I am sure. I also like your idea for checking your yardage. I would never have thought of it, I just kinda look at the wool and then usually go for it and hope for the best. LOL

Sarah said...

Your gift box is beautiful and will put a smile on the recipients face:) I am impressed that you only bought two skeins of yarn...it's gorgeous, so it's just as well there were only 2 left! Thanks for mentioning my blog....I just mentioned yours!!!

Devonmama said...

What a lovely gift box, lucky mama!! I love Aviatrix hats and knit them for every baby I know lol :) Great scarf too, so unusual xx