Sunday, 23 October 2011

On the go.

What do these places have in common- the Liverpool train, the church gardens, the hospital park, and my living room? Easy, they're all the places the Hitchhiker has been getting whipped out. Working on a circular means that it is compact and portable, and essential part of my work bag this weekend. See, even when I'm working I manage to fit a little knitty time in ;) Thirty repeats worked, twelve more to go, each row is over 100 stitches now. Still loving it!
Handbag - check, backpack - check, Lansinoh sachets - check, lunch - check, little WIP - check!

Unfortunately when I arrive home I'm so tired that once the family are loved, fed, entertained and settled to bed, I'm ready to be in the same place myself. So not a lot else happening here. Ooh, yes there is - the scarf to go with the hat! Same Wendy Serenity, another lacy pattern, two thirds done so one third (or one hank) to go. Yes, yes, I know, I said there would be no new projects until the old ones were finished. Well guess what - I lied! Go on, tell me you don't have a queue of half finished works......
Two days off now so lot's of time to be getting on with finishing the started. Right?
So off I'll go then!



lily said...

I'm glad someone else has half finished knitty projects on the go, at the moment I have three knitted socks lined up on my table, each waiting for their other half........what can I say, the lure of a new project with lovely squishy new yarn is hard to resist. xx

Anonymous said...

It seems like half finished projects are the norm lately! I can't wait to se what your Hitchhiker looks like when it is finished :)

karisma said...

Well if I told you that then I would be lying now wouldn't I? Of course I have at least 4 or 5 lots of wool attached to hook or needles right now. Not to mention all the half finished cross stitch projects that have not seen the light of day since last summer. My one a day is now too big to cart around with me so of course I am going to have to start another one or maybe something smaller to fit in my bag. :-)