Thursday, 13 October 2011

Warning - Stash alert!

Inspired by Kath I decided to have a stash sort out this evening.

Be warned, this may get a little boring.........

12 skeins of 50g Sirdar Click aran which will soon become this cardigan for Emma:
The acrylic DK yarns for the Granny Stripe. About 1600g still to hook up, hoping that's enough!
20 Skeins of 50g Rowan purelife DK which is going to be a throw for the living room once I settle on the blocks I will use. Oh and add a few more skeins too ;)

5 X 100G Sirdar Denim Chunky which will probably become this sweater for Cain unless......
...this becomes it instead! 13x50g of Sirdar Click Chunky.
5 x 100g King Cole Riot DK destined to become a poncho for Heather, and possibly another for Sophie too.

The latest acquisition - 10 x 50g Mirasol Qina DK/Aran weight, soon to be hat, scarf and gloves for the beloved man.

Assorted DK Mirasol skeins because I just love Mirasol!

Assorted Merino DK's in 50g skeins - a lovely squishy crochet cushion don't you think?

Randomly - 3x 100g Patons wool blend aran (itchy!), 4x 50g Robin pure wool (very old and itchy!!) 7x50g Grousemoor chunky (very old, very un-chunky but not at all itchy!!!) and 4x50g Sirdar Escape DK (not very old, or itchy, or even DK, more of an aran!!!!).

Debbie Bliss Rialto aran leftovers, soon to be a stripey hat for Owen (or maybe me)

More Debbie Bliss Rialto aran also soon to be a hat but this time for Heather.

10x50g of lovely soft, not as sludgy as it looks Rowan classic DK/aran weight. Hmmm? A cabled cardi for Jen?

Leftover anonymous aran from Cain's winter 2010 aran - enough for a welcome baby sweater for the overdue neighbour? (Hmm just been informed she was seen getting into an ambulance a couple of hours ago? Have to knit fast.)

Patons fairytale color 4 me - pumpkin hats:) And the Paton's diploma gold - still working through the pack of 10x50g I originally planned a hoodie for Helen with. Didn't happen -  2 toddler cardi's ended that idea!

Hmm running out of ideas now!

Aaargh - scary stuff!! Couldn't even give it away last time I showed it....

Aahhhh, that's better - super soft and squishy Twilleys Freedom extra chunky - scarf for the middle man. He says I never make him anything - he's 15, do 15 year olds actually want mama knits??

Nice, nice, nice - but open to suggestionsThe araucania has been in the stash forever but it just feels sooo.......... nice? 

Wendy Serenity 4x100g - eek I've lost one, sure I had five? Again no idea!

Paton's Symphony 5x100g. Lovely Heathery colours, maybe a winter woolly for Heather? Or a big squishy bag?

2x400g aranweight. Brought home by the beloved man from a trip into town. Picked because I like those kind of colours and it was soft............? Good enough criteria then ;)

So you stuck with me then?
And I forgot to take photo's of the 2 other boxes, all filled up with the skinny yarns. Maybe tomorrow?
Now how about you show yours....



Daisie said...

Mine is not as exciting as yours!!

Some beautiful yarns for amazing projects.


Inthesky said...

Wow! I loved it!!! What an enviable stash you have. Thank you for your open and honest share, it is like 'Yarnaholics Not so Anonymous' I am still at the 'fail to admit I have a problem' stage...I have pillowcases of fleece knocking about and hidden here and there...

Joxy said...

Blissful sigh. Ooooh the mirasol stash looks gorgeous!

I ought to sort mine out again, I changed my mind about having it on my shelves, and have it in various cloth bags and boxes around the bedroom lol.

Hehehe I've actually found a use for the scary yarn - freeform crochet, it really does add interest to peices.. so if you still want rid ;-)

Kath said...

Woweeeeee what a stash! I am drooling. Seriously drooling. It's like yarn porn!!!

Anonymous said...

How on earth can you think that your stash is boring? I am very impressed that you know what you are going to knit with it all...I just buy yarn and then look for a project that will fit it!
You have inspired me to show mine in my blog at some point though :)

Shazronnie said...

You have a marvellous stash - and I'm impressed that you know what you want to make with most of it. I have some nasty fluffy furry yarn, but I've found by knitting it with a strand of plain acrylic it is easier to use.

Dawn said...

Ah I always love when you share you stash photos, makes me feel more happier about how much I have around ;-)

Still got the eyelash stuff then lol, I gave the school some last year after accepting I'd never use it except for dd using it in crafts.

Love the riot colours, I have some DK and chunky here - hoping to cast on a tunic top srot of thing for dd soon with the dk.

Look forward to seeing your finished items, will keep you busy a while.

Louise said...

That's a lot of wool! Better get those needles clicking.

Roseberry said...

That's erm quite a stash ;)

Making it vintage said...

Fantastic, stash can never be boring.....I love it all, especially the rowan purelife, you have a bumper crop of knitting to be getting on with there, Becks. xx

Anonymous said...

That's a delicious stash. I've been doing a similar thing recently, only I thought I'd mix it up and do it backwards - pick projects and then match the stash to it. It's causing a bit of stress, but at least I'll have projects I want to knit!

LiteraryLadybug said...

OOoooh! Fun to go through someone elses stash! Thanks for showing pics!