Monday, 31 October 2011

Monthly round-up.

Well I knitted another hat! 
But I have no photo's to share because the camera battery got all used up recording seasonal fun so a wordy post instead. If that's not your thing then jump blog now :)
I thought I might start posting an end of the month round-up of all the makes for that month.
Maybe I'll do it every month, maybe I'll never do it again.
We'll see.
So this month we have:

And the hat with no blog post (which I will come back and edit when I charge the battery, take the photo's, write the possibly I'll never get round to it!)

Phew, a productive month then, you can tell we're on the run up the giftgiving time of the year.........



Anonymous said... have been busy! I feel like an amateur cos I have only produced a couple of scarves! Well done you :)

Shell said...

Wow, well done xx