Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A ta-dah moment if I may?

The very colourful thing is complete. And time is short so here we go, a reveal in one:

(The shoulders are even really, this is just a bad photo!)

This was a work and a half, I can tell you! The bodice was great, worked up really quickly in dc. The skirt.......well, what can I say? The original pattern called for much greater gathering than I did here. But then it was a pattern for a ruffled baby dress, and Heather is not really in the category of cutesie frilly baby. So I followed the pattern for a few rounds, realised it was far too ruffly for my liking and ripped back. Then I worked out how I could make it less ruffly, that took some thinking, crochet and knitting are far different in that I can tell you. And so I continued, group after group of little v-shaped clusters. 490 clusters in total, not that I was counting them down.......
But the end result - well what can I say? I love it. The big girls love it. Dad loves it. Well worth the time, and the effort, and the headache. 

So that's it, crochet and me are definitely an item now. Poor old needles, pushed out by a little tiny hook. But don't fret, there's knitting on them needles in a bag somewhere here.......

Technical details:

Hook size - 4mm
Yarn - Anchor Magicline 100% cotton DK thickness 7x50g. (in a sale at Abakhan 2 years ago!)
Pattern - here.
Inspiration - here.
Size - the largest size from the pattern 9-12m but using a larger hook and thicker yarn so fits a dainty 2 year old.

So what next? Knitting I think......... Or maybe another quick dishcloth.



Dawn said...

That is beautiful, and modelled lovely too xxx

Louise said...

It's lovely, and your little girl looks adorable in it. Love the bright strong colours.

Shell said...

Beautiful xx

Shazronnie said...

I love it too!

Joxy said...

Gorgeous! I love it.

Have a go at some Motifs hun, they are great for making up jumpers/vests, skirts etc.