Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Excuse me?

OK, own up - who came across my blog after googling the term "scabies in my crochet yarn"?

As for the last post - doesn't anyone like eyelash yarn? Even when it's free? The dark green and the grey merino hat's are both rehomed, the knitted bag, cabled hat and the knitting booklets still sitting here. Keeping the fuzzy yarn company.......



Dawn said...

LOL! What? and how did you see they found your blog like that - does that come in the stats? Wow, must check mine out some more.

Given me a chuckle this morning so thank you x
Sorry, don't wnat the eyelash yarn, have enough yarn here ;)

Laura said...

"Scabies in my crochet yarn"? I laughed a lot at that one!

The eyelash yarn is great for chemo caps if you know someone with cancer. Also, Lion Brand Yarn has a good pattern for a handbag that uses eyelash yarn (fun fur) knit in a basic rectangle, then seamed up the sides. Knit I-cord handles from a worsted weight or DK weight synthetic yarn and attach to the bag. And we sew up a fabric lining (again, a rectangle seamed up the sides) and sew it in the bag. Makes a nice gift for a girl.