Monday, 4 April 2011

Back again.

After tidying the sewing corner I decided to sort out little Miss's drawers. A few vest were a big raggy and went into the scrap fabric recycling bag. A few more things set aside for handing on to friends. And one little white t-shirt with a red stain in the middle. It was only worn once too. So what to do?
Well something I haven't properly tried before. I cut some shapes from the fabric I used for the skirt and came up with this:

Actually the butterfly is  straighter in real life than in the photo but I can't get another photo as it's in the bedroom with a sleeping person right now. And that extra blue bit on the left upper wing is part of the fabric's pattern, honest, even though it looks as if I have gone way off with the stitching! Not the best example of appliqueing but I'm fairly happy with it. Heather is very pleased with it and would have worn it instantly but it's far too cold here today for skirts and t-shirts, it's blowing a gale and the house is full of draughts.
So there you go - two posts in one day, and no yarn in sight!
Off to try and get two small people to settle for an hour now and then on to some knitting I think.
Happy crafting.


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Dawn said...

Looks lovely x