Monday, 4 April 2011

From a picnic hamper to.......

You'll never guess!
So John brought a picnic hamper back from Emma's the other day. One of those romantic wicker ones with a couple of place settings, storage for wine, a cooler section and pretty napkins. Emma was given it by a friend and knew she would never use it so she asked John to find a use for it. Well of course you can never have too many plates, glasses or cutlery so out they came for the kitchen. The salt and pepper pots are now needle pots. The hamper itself is standing in the corner of the living room whilst I think of a use - hmmm, more wool storage?
And the chequered napkins? Well at first I thought of a quick and easy make - sew two together into a drawstring bag. Four napkins so a bag for each boy. But then I saw a pretty little skirt somewhere on the internet and came up with this:

What do you think?
I used two of the napkins for the top and bottom tiers and some fabric from the stash for the middle tier.Nice and summery and of course she'll blend well with the caravan if she wears it there - I just remembered the floral print is the one I used for the caravan curtains! Aaah well....... 

So a skirt for little miss at no cost at all. Well apart from one snapped sewing machine needle, I really need to remember to change the needle more often, Doh!
As for the yarn crafts, well I'm still knitting away. I blogged about the most recent makes over on the other blog as the post seemed more appropriate there but I am currently working on a project from the stash again. 
Still no yarn bought in 2011 - wonder how much longer I can last? Although I have barely dented the stash so I should be fine for several months yet.
So how you all doing on the stashbusting?
Hope you're doing well and avoiding temptation. And if not......then enjoy your yarn love.
See you soon.

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Shell said...

Wow, that looks great x