Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A lull.

Well it's been a while hasn't it?
Whilst some crafting has definitely been happening, it's not enough to blog about. There's a few more crochet dishcloths using scraps of leftover sock yarn but all put to use before photo's were taken. I find that they work best if I work them in alternating rows of dc and tc and then a dc,tc,dc edging right round to tidy them up. I love washing the dishes with them, they just make me smile to know that I made them myself from scraps, and of course they remind me of the socks they almost were, if we all had bigger feet of course!
My big make at the moment is a cardi for myself as a cover up for cool evening walks:

So far I have the back, fronts and one sleeve, but have hit the wall. Have to get over it and carry on or else this project will end up thrown in the cupboard for months or even years...............

To give myself a short break from knitting chunky cables I have been doing a little crochet:

Not sure what I'm going to do with them or how many I will end up with but they are simple, mindless and cute so I'll carry on at least until I use the yarn here...............maybe. The yarn itself is acrylic stuff given as free gifts in Let's Knit magazine collected over the past year or two. There were suggested patterns for it in the magazine but none that took my fancy. Cute little crochet flowers though, how could they not appeal?

One last thing, five months into the year and still no yarn bought! Yes I'm shocked too, though not as much as my dearest John. But it's not long until Woolfest now and it coincides with the week of my fortieth birthday so I think the self imposed ban may be lifted in style........

Happy crafting everyone.


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lilac73 said...

Definitely a good time to lift the 'ban'!