Thursday, 26 May 2011

Smartphone case.

So I mentined the kit for the smartphone cover in the Mollie Makes magazine didn't I?
This morning I thought I would open it up and see what was there. The pattern was inside the magazine and the little envelope contained the felt and a little button. All I needed to make the case shown in the pictures was a needle and thread apparently.

I copied the pattern pieces, not wanting to cut into my magazine and cut out the felt shapes. And hit a snag. There wasn't enough cream felt to cut out both the bird and the little top edge trim as shown in the instructions. And as I had cut the rectangle trim out first it meant I had to find another piece to cut out the bird from. So I used the yellow felt that was supposed to be for the petal pattern instead. I decided to forego the petals and instead added a wing cut out from the cream felt that was supposed to be for the bird. The actual pattern shows a cut away wing but I thought an added one would add a bit more colour as I was losing it from the petals. Ok I could have just nipped upstairs and found a scrap of felt but I wanted to see what could be done with a freebie kit. I oversewed all the pieces on rather than using a running stitch as I thought the running stitch would leave a lip around the pieces which would catch when pulling the phone out of a pocket. I added a little eye too from the brown felt.

I gave it to John for his phone and he thought it was lovely although he would have preferred something a little more masculine I think. I now have to make another for one of the girls and also one for Cain who has been happily walking around listening to his very own MP3 player lately. Well actually it's Daddy's but if you put something down in this house.............
So thanks "Mollie Makes" for a cute little kit, a happy hour spent sewing, and a grateful husband too. The shortage in felt wasn't really a big deal and I'm very pleased with the free gift. Next issue has a felt flower kit if anyone is interested.......


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Sue said...

Your little bird cover does look very sweet. I cant wait to see what other designs you create.