Wednesday, 25 May 2011

New crafty magazine.

I picked up a copy of the new crafty magazine "Mollie Makes" last week. It is oh so pretty! 

Beautiful feel in the hands, lot's of pretty vintage designs and room stylings, links to some beautiful blogs, and a couple of cute makes too. Not so much a "what can I make" magazine but a "oooh I'm inspired" read instead. 
It includes a kit for making a smartphone cover, instructions for pretty Peter Pan collars, patterns for fabric eggs, how to make a cute fabric on card garland and a crochet pattern for apple jackets! Ok so I first thought "what the ......!" apple jackets?? But Cain was snuggling up whilst I was flicking through and declared "oh wow, NAPPIES for an apple, cool!" and then asked me to make him one. So maybe they are a good idea after all.
Well later on the boy slept and mama took out her bag of scraps. Pink was his declared choice, with yellow as a back up in case I didn't have enough pink. As if!! So I crocheted away and within a short time I had this:

Just a scrap of pink merino with a trim of yellow boucle. Cain was hugely impressed the following morning which means I was happy too. Owen was less pleased as he wanted one, right now, but in yellow all over please, or maybe red.......
So apple nappies, eh? Who'd have thought of that as the next big thing in our home!



Louise said...

Hehe, apple nappies?? My mind's boggling. But they look great. A gimmick to get reluctant fruit eaters to eat fruit maybe?
And as I am about to post this comment, the word I have to type in to verify is... munchin.

Joxy said...

Love it! Apple nappies! brilliant! lmao. I confess I see them all the time on Ravelry and never quite understand the point... lol but yeah, apple nappies, I can get behind that... pardon the pun ;-)