Monday, 31 January 2011


Lovely buttons. 

There is a serious shortage of buttons in my craft drawers. I looked on the internet but couldn't decide. So off we went to Abakhan and I bought 2 jars of buttons for just under a fiver each. Packed with buttons. Several hundreds of them.

But that's not the reason for this post. It's more about what else I bought. Or rather didn't buy. I bought a length of elastic. And a couple of wooden buttons. And that's it! Nothing else at all. Not one single scrap of wool. I have to admit it was hard work not to go for a peek at the yarn section. But I knew that if I peeked I would have to touch. And that if I touched I would start to imagine what it could become. And then I would end up popping it in my basket. So I stayed away. And left the shop with only my buttons and elastic. How good was I?

And so with renewed determination I tipped up the scrap bag last night. I looked for a while. And moved bits around. And then an idea came. I selected a few scraps and the needles and set to work. I ripped back a few times before I was happy with the progress. But I see my idea taking shape. So I'll share a little peek:

Very subdued don't you think?
After the pale pretty lemoniness of the last make I thought a bit more colour would be good. A lot more colour in fact. Oh yes, it's coming along just like the little vision in my mind. Now I wonder if I will have enough yarn? Because this one can't be added to as I go along. The randomness is intentional, you see.

And a quick link over here. Sharon is joining in the scrapbusting mission and has created a beautiful dress. And a lovely technique for making use of hard to use yarn too. Anyone else ready to share some scrapbusting inspiration?
Well back off to my rainbow bright knit. And hopefully I'll reveal more soon.

PS - see the gift makes list? Still empty!!

Happy crafting everyone.



Daisie said...

Very impressed with your button goodies and even more impressed with your restraint! Happy knitting :) xxx

Florrie said...

Wow, I'm seriously loving that rainbow knitting, it reminds me of candy canes and allsorts.....really yummy.

I know the person who's been making life difficult at the moment, a member of my family, no less. She doesn't have a blog or even a google account, but has been reading my blog and then e-mailing and making difficulties with other members of my family........I'm pretty sure she won't find this new blog......she's the sort of person who doesn't approve of blogging and now that my other blog is gone she will have no point of contact........thanks for your concern though.......she's been a pain in the butt for quite a while, one way or another, but I've washed my hands of her, so hopefully that's an end to it.

florrie x

Shazronnie said...

Yummy coloured stripes :) Thanks for the link, I am now making something - don't quite know what - on a circular needle with some other bobbly yarn. Note to self; do not buy anymore bobbly yarn!

Sue said...

The buttons look great. You can never have enough! I too would be tempted by the yarn to buy some even when I dont need it. Love the bright stripey knitting too.

Louise said...

Love the buttons, I need a few more too as I seem to have quite a lot of the same colour and not enough variety in colour and size. Might check out ebay as I bought some from there before and they were great.

Laura said...

Beautiful buttons! And I love your cheerfully colored knitting!