Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Next up........

A new pair of socks for Owen in colours chosen by the boy himself - Ogre socks apparently.
Knitted from what was approximately 80g of black and 80g of aqua DK, probably an acrylic mix, found in the scrap stash. I still have around 40g of each left so might make another pair for Cain...........or I might not. Half the fun of scrap stashbusting is thinking of new uses for previously unwanted yarn.
The pattern for the socks came from the book mentioned in the previous post, a broken garter stitch rib for which the pattern suggests a variegated yarn but I think the stripes look much more fun for little feet.

Next project from the scrap bag is a different craft - crochet. Taking a step outside my comfort zone now and no idea whether the yarn I'm using is going to be sufficient for the work in progress. I do know that crochet seems to gobble up the yarn much quicker than knitting but on the plus side it's far easier to work several pieces at once to ensure that I can blend in a new colour if necessary to complete the work.
Well I don't know about seeing spots, but stripes are definitely becoming a bit of a theme around here just lately!
Back soon with another catch-up.
Don't forget to let me know what scrap yarn busting ideas you have been working on lately.


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