Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Sewing machine love at last!

OK knitting is obvious, I've been doing it for 30 years on and off.
Crochet - fairly new skill but if there's a pattern to follow it's kind of like knitting I suppose.
But sewing...........right!
Great for curtains, pillowcases, slings etc, anything that needs a hemmed rectangle. But actually making stuff from fabric that is wearable, now there's another thing altogether. But after the breakthrough with the leggings the other day I was itching to find time to get back and have another go. This time I cut the fabric carefully, followed the instructions to pin the dress together.........and then got all confused when adding the yoke and kind of bluffed my way through! Still turned out pretty well and fits just right. Now as long as she doesn't have a major growth spurt before the summer as this dress looked pretty neat over leggings but will be perfect for summer days.

I know - it's not a great photo, but I just wanted to share my first "proper" wearable make, with a pattern and interfacing and buttonholes and everything!
Right, back to the yarnbusting, and back tomorrow with the finished tank top. Bring your sunglasses with you, you're going to need them!



Heidi Liz said...

That is lovely! You should be proud!

Florrie said...

It's adorable and will look fantastic over leggings........well done you.

florrie x

Pippa said...

That's so pretty, you should be really pleased with that!! I bet Heather looks a little duck in it! xx

Shazronnie said...

Excellent; I'm making a skirt or dress for Poppy soon.