Wednesday, 19 January 2011

This is it!

This is the scrap bag I'm trying to work my way through:

Doesn't look so much does it? 
But thinking of things to make from 2kg of yarn split into approximately 30+shades, half a dozen plies, a multitude of textures and varying from 10 - just under 100g individual weights means some serious planning going on in my sleep denied head.
Good job I have this wonderful little book to inspire me:

Very Americanized in it's wording but some oh-so-lovely designs to be knit and crocheted from under 50g of yarn of all types.

And so onto the next project:

Oh yes, stripes again, I know now why my nana's handknits always featured heavily on stripes ;-) Waste not, want. Although my striping will probably get more random the more I work through the scraps. This project though is just a little one and I'm certain I have far more than I need to complete this make, especially as I'm using 2 of the biggest scraps for a teensy little make......
Well less chat and more knitting if I want to get through that lot.
Catch up with you all again later when I might just be able to reveal what's on the DPN's......



Sue said...

Oh what fun! You could always use it for handknit toys as it would use some of it up and the larger balls you could make stripey tops out of. I have just finished a Milo top by Tikki which would look great in different stripes!

Florrie said...

That looks a very interesting book,I'll have to look it up in my local library........I love stripes, the more colourful the better, don't know about you but I'll be a bit sad when all my stash is used up.

florrie x

julie ridley said...

Oh that looks like fun! Just don't end up with so many ideas that you have to go out and buy yarn to finish them all! :-)