Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New year, new burst of craftiness!

Less Internet = time to craft. (I would love to have said MORE time to craft but crafting time was pretty non-existent up until the past few days with all the other stuff that goes on around here).

New leggings for Heather. 

The first time I have ever sewed with a proper pattern rather than making it up as I went along. Pretty pleased with them and now I know why the pattern says to do it as it did. Definitely going to make a few more of these for under her dresses, might even have a go at the dress that came in the pattern pack, but first I need to get my head round interfacing......... now I've worked out what it is!

A sleep easy heart sachet for Jen, filled with Lavender to ease her into sweet dreams:

A nappy for Heather's dolly:

A camera case from the sleeve of a jumper I knitted (and later felted) for Cain:

And that's about all for now.
Knitting on the needles, crochet on the hooks, more sewing plans in mind.
Back soon with more I hope.
Happy crafting everyone.

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Shazronnie said...

Lovely leggings :) and I really like the camera case too.