Monday, 17 January 2011

Scrap yarn projects.

I don't generally do resolutions - too much like setting yourself up to fail. But when it comes to crafting I spend each new year sorting out my wool stash and resolving not to buy any more yarn until I have seriously dented the amount I already own. And so with this in mind I turned first to the scrap bag. You know the one, you all have one - right? The bag where you throw all the half used balls of yarn, sample balls, and ripped back tangles.
So I weighed the bag (yes, I'm sad, I know) and I have a total of approx 2000g of yarns of varying textures, ply's (or is it plies?), colours and lengths. So what to do with it all?
Well first up is this:

It will eventually be a tank top thingy for Heather. Worked in the round on 4mm DPN's, I really need to get a 40cm wire for my Knitpro's, it will hopefully be finished this evening. As long as I don't run out of the bright pink I am going to use for the bodice. The problem, and of course the fun too, with using yarn scraps, is that you never know if you will have enough to finish the project, and always having to have a back up plan in mind. And then there's all that untangling of yarn as you go along.......
Phew, who knew knitting could be so exciting?

So anyone else joining in the challenge? Share your links to your yarn scrap projects. 
I need the inspiration!



Florrie said...

Wow I'm impressed, not only are you using up your scrap yarns but you are having to untangle them first, now there's thrifty dedication for you......we'll scrap along together and see how many wonderful knits we can create.

florrie x

Becks said...

Oh the tangle is a side effect to the scrap usage - it starts off untangled but I get a bit bored by moving the threads around whilst knitting....... Always end up paying for my laziness though.

Shazronnie said...

I'm sure there are many things I can make out of my leftovers! Will have a ponder...