Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Shades ready?

I finished the tank top. Oh yes, a scrap yarn extravaganza! About 50g of blue DK, and less of yellow, pink and white. All left over from other projects, mine or other peoples. The blue left over from knitting a scarf and mitts for one of Jen's friends, the pink from Jen's scarf and mitts, the yellow from some long ago Easter knitting and the white from a bag of white oddments found at a car boot sale.
SO the tank top went well, knitting up pretty quickly on 4mm DPN's, a nice ridged pattern forming around the staggered stripes where the colours changed. Well to be honest the ridges weren't intentional and I was going to block them out but I kind of like them now. I did get fed up with stopping to untangle the yarns every few rows so when I opened up the round to form the front and back I decided to use blocks of colour to continue. Not enough yarn in the contrast colours to knit the back and front the same so I chose to use pink for the back and yellow for the front. 
Heather definitely likes it:

The colours are much brighter in true light:

An exercise in brightness and thrift, what do you think?
So continuing with the scrap yarn busting, what next? This lovely blog is inspiring me to go for an all out scrap yarn colourfest crochet blanket but not sure I have the patience for such a big crochet project. Any other colourful WIP's you'd care to share?



Florrie said...

I LOVE IT! It's so beautifully retro and very thrifty.

This thrifty stash busting is great fun, who knows what you'll come up with next.

florrie x

Laura said...

Great thrift and color! I've knit a blanket of leftover yarn (and new yarn) by knitting a bunch of 8 inch squares and seaming them together, then adding a crocheted border. It works and is very portable as a knitting project - until it's time to sew the squares together!

Florrie said...

Thanks for the link, Becks.........let's spread the stashbusting love.

florrie x