Tuesday, 1 February 2011


I've hit a snag with the rainbow bright. I am trying to decide which of two paths I should follow to compensate for the rapid decrease in yarn to finish the project.So to take my mind of that, or to await a flash of inspiration, I decided to have a play with the sewing machine. I came across a ring sling I made a couple of years ago (an easy make - just straight lines and a couple of pleats) and decided to re-use the fabric for a new make.
I'm definitely getting the hang of this sewing lark as it only took me two hours and one footstamping episode before I came up with this:

It's even got buttonholes that match each side! Go me!
I haven't tried it on Heather yet so it may well end up going back in the cupboard and being long forgotten about. Or pressed upon some poor unsuspecting mum to a smaller girl. But it looks about right. Hopefully.
And in other news - still no gift knits! I'm rubbish at being organised. So now it's February and I should have two items tucked away and waiting to be gifted and another two should at least be in the planning stages. Well actually I'm ahead on that side of things. I have a neverending list of things at the planning stage. It's just deciding what to make next. And of course knowing that I have the stash to work through and plan to.....

So how you all doing with the gift makes? Or the scrap busting? Better than I am, I hope :-)
Off to have another long stare at the rainbow bright and hope for that flash of inspiration to strike.


PS - And now I'm looking at this post I'm wondering if maybe I should have made the dress so that the straps went under the bodice rather than over.......... although I did think I preferred it the way it is at the time.



Shell said...

I think that looks fantastic - hope it fits xx

lilac73 said...

It looks lovely

Louise said...

The dress is perfect, really stylish. My Christmas gift box remains empty, but my excuse is that I made a present for my youngest's 1st birthday and now I'm making a cot quilt for a soon-to-be-born baby. Good excuses hey?

Florrie said...

I love the little pinny......did you make that without a pattern........you're getting good.

The cross stitch button willl most probably be used as an embellishment for a bag or maybe on a dress for my grandaughter Jess.

florrie x