Wednesday, 16 February 2011

All done.

Well, I did it. I beat "second sock syndrome"! It took some discipline I can tell you. I cast on the second sock immediately after I finished the first. Within minutes. And worked a few rounds. Later I took out my little bag of crochet squares.and then put it away again. And worked a few more sock rounds. 

I almost got waylaid by this lovely blog into yet another tank top. But I stuck with the sock. And of course there's this hat I want to knit up too. But still the sock held out. Well apart from a little sewing make, special little valentines gifts for three special little people:

(Apologies for sharing photos across blogs - how lazy of me).
And how differently the same colours look under different lighting conditions. The socks are more this purple combination than the pinks of the previous post!
But here we go. Second sock finished. Finally, a make for the gift box. 

Technical details:
Yarn used - Opal sock yarn, but label missing so shade unknown!
Amount - 53g.
Size - approximately UK 5-6.
Needles - 2.5mm DPN's.
Pattern - the often used one in my head!
So did I say two a month? Better get cracking on then!


lilac73 said...

Well done, they look lovely. I've got Milo sat waiting to be knitted too, need to get started on the jumper for R's first birthday soon so I don't end up rushing in the last week. Not so quick a knitter as you.

Louise said...

The socks look grand and well done for getting a gift into your Christmas box. Mine remains empty but that's because I'm getting waylaid by birthday gifts and new babies. My next project may be socks, I'm a bit nervous of knitting but I'll try.

lilac73 said...

p.s. Don't two socks count as two things into the gift box? ;)

Florrie said... now have a pair of scrumptious purple socks in your gift box.............I have purple gift sock envy.

florrie x

Carolyn said...

I love self patterning sock yarn...its fabulous!!! These purples are great!