Wednesday, 9 February 2011

And so I gave in.

I wasn't going to rely on the old fallback - scarves and throws. Honest I wasn't. And then I came across this old brochure that provided my crochet breakthrough. Before this I just couldn't get my head round it at all. It's very old, and I've no idea how it came to be in my knitting bag one day, but I'm so pleased it did:

And so a flick through the pages and I came across a very simple pattern for a blanket made from the easiest squares ever. And very addictive in the hooking too. First one: 

Then lots more in this odd brown shade which has lingered in my bag for months or even years:

And once the brown had been turned int ten lovely squares I began on the scraps of lemon:

Then pink:

I just couldn't stop:

And so I am heading towards that thing I said I wouldn't do - turning my whole stash into one lovely cosy, crochet throw.
But if boredom doesn't set in (which it certainly hasn't yet 22 squares in) then I will hopefully have a lovely crochet work of art to keep us cosy in the caravan on the cold spring evenings.

So anyone else managing to resist the lure of the yarn shop so far this year?



Sue said...

Those colors all look lovely together and the throw will be great for those cooler nights!

Florrie said...

That's the same book I used to learn how to crochet, although I haven't actually made anything from it yet. Love the combination of brown and lemon, they will make a lovely blanket.
florrie x

Shell said...

Yay for crochet...they'll be no stopping you now ;o).

I was going to say I haven't bought any yarn yet but then I remembered those three balls I got in the charity shop the other day!