Saturday, 12 February 2011

Hey, did you see?

There's an entry at last under the gift makes heading over to the right!
That's right, I decided to take a little break from the scrap stashbusting and work on a little something from the stash proper:

And what better way to start:

A pair of socks. Or rather,  half a pair of socks:

And because I am one of those knitters who get bored halfway through (do you remember the socks I was making for John to take to the TT in June 2009? Yes, the ones that I blogged about finishing around October 2010.....), I made sure I got started on it's partner right away. And of course when you cast on a pair of socks the first few rounds are always such a nuisance don't you find? You know, you have to keep going to the point where you realise you don't have to keep checking the round hasn't twisted and that you just know the rib sequence without watching the stitches like a hawk? Well for me at least it takes 3-4 rows before I feel I can safely put them down and know that they will stay how they should:

Right I'd better get the housework done so I can get on with the partner!



Sue said...

I always cast on the second sock to beat SSS but sometimes it never works! Your sock looks nice in all the different pinks.

Florrie said...

Yay.....there's a sock in your gift he doesn't get too lonely in there.......gorgeous colourway.

florrie x