Monday, 18 February 2013

It's not SSS, honest!

Second sock syndrome - do you suffer with it?
I finished up the first of the Old Joe socks over the weekend. And immediately cast on..........something different! Not going to reveal what just yet, maybe you can guess:

The reverse side, very pretty tight stitch.

The right side,much loopier when gently stretched. This is more like it's true colour.

Love this texture, wouldn't it be great in silver yarn? A perfect chain mail singlet for dressing up. 
Hoping this is a quick make, although it is needing some attention whilst I get on with increasing AND maintaining the pattern.
Hmm, ten days of February left. One skein of baby blanket and one sock done. Plan was for a pair of socks, a skein of blanket, a gift make and a random piece within the month. I'm beginning to think that won't happen.......


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Anonymous said...

I honestly can't imagine what that is going to need to hurry up and finish it!