Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hmm, decisions, decisions

You all know the monthly challenge, right? 
One skein of baby blanket, one pair of socks, one gift knit, and one random knit. Well so far all I've managed this month is the one skein of baby blanket. Nothing else. So here's the dilemma. The baby blanket needs only half a pattern repeat and then the top border to complete it. 35 rows altogether. So do I veer from the challenge I set myself and complete the baby blanket?  Or do I set it aside for next month and the final skein? I could get started on the gift knit, or the socks. And keep to the February challenge. Maybe even come back to the blanket if I complete the other knits......(because this is sooo likely...not!)
However elastic baby doesn't know about the February challenge. I don't think she will negotiate mama time versus knitting time. Which means finishing the blanket results in one challenge less. Unless I finish the blanket and call it the gift knit too? After all, it is for Jen's baby..... Two birds, one stone and all that ;)

Well I'll have made the decision by the next time I post.
Time to squeeze in a few moments knitting time while everyone eats and Elastababy sleeps.


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