Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Yarn along

Joining in with Ginny and friends.

This week I have been squeezing in a little knitting of the Old Joe socks. Not much knitting time really but the limited time I have I am enjoying this knit, the pattern is easily memorised yet needs a little attention throwing at it for the changes, chill out knitting at its best :)

Reading - with so little spare time knitting is winning out. The books are the same as last week, no change at all. I have been dipping into a selection of magazines though - The Mother magazine dropped through my letterbox a couple of days ago, and the Living Craft magazines came from a lovely mama, knitter and blogger. Thanks D.

Righto, going to try and squeeze in a few more minutes online time to check out more of your Yarn along posts :)



Kathy said...

I loved Living Crafts so much! I was so disappointed when they stopped printing the magazine. It was my very favorite. Kathy at

karisma said...

Sounds a bit like my week. Not much time to spare. I have been trying to read on and off but can't seem to put the knitting down as I went ahead and started a nice easy new project with some very yummy yarn! I of course have not even had time to update the blog. sigh.