Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The cure for startitis

I finally found the cure for startitis. No more barely worked pieces lurking in cupboards and baskets. None stuffed under the bed, or by the side of the bathroom chair (top tip - knitting whilst the littlies are in the bath, they're happy, you're happy....), or in the glovebox of the car. No casting on items that will be too small for the wearer before you even finish. If it doesn't have a deadline then it doesn't get started.

You want to know my cure?

Although it might not work for all of you....

Well here goes......................

Are you ready.......

Although warning you, you might just dissolve into a gooey mush.......

A beautiful, smiley, cuddly baby!

Since Ivy came along I finally realised that you can't spend much time knitting with an elastic baby. One that doesn't like to be separated from mama unless within complete eye distance, and still with a high level of communication going on. This baby means that what little time I get to knit needs to be spent productively. Think of item, cast on item, work on item, cast of item, use item. Two or three at a time is fine, more than that - no chance of completion....ever! 
So want to cure your startitis and knit more productively? Go get yourself an elastic baby.

By the way - the playmat? Nothing to do with me. Jen's partners mothers friend (or something like that) sent one down for Jens baby and when I professed how cute it was she sent another for Ivy. How kind was that? Acrylic yarns, DK and/or eyelash type held in 4 strands, and then worked up into a giant granny square. It's one of those things, you know, you look at it and know how it's done, but you're never going to do it. Granny squares - yeah. Giant granny squares with 4 strands of yarn and a mega sized hook? No chance! It is very cute though.

Oh well, the elastic baby is fidgetting once again.
Let me know if you try out the cure ;)



Dawn said...

Ha ha ... super cute indeed!

But I think I will pass on your cure, and just suffer with startitis
;-) lol

karisma said...

Very Very Tempting, however I think I have done my part in populating the planet. LOL I must admit to getting clucky every time I see a baby lately, but the thought of dealing with another teenager when I am in my 60's is really unappealing to me. ;-) Think I will keep admiring from the sidelines. Pretty sure there were some years back there where I had no time for knitting at all.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha...very cute cure, but I think I'll pass thanks and suffer with startitis until I finally get myself organised.