Saturday, 2 February 2013

A February plan

So the plan for this month :)
Well the big knit/WIP is of course the baby blanket in beautiful Manos Silk, really itching to get back to that one. I think the enforced break has broken the "boredom" that bigger knits often end up in. I really wanted to keep going after that first skein but knew I would burn out the love pretty soon if I did. And anyway, there was those socks to contend with (which are up to the heel as I type, another day I think...).

The socks for this month will be OLD JOE'S socks, the new pattern from Stephanie Pearl McPhee, aka Yarn Harlot. Do you follow her blog, wonderful stuff. The socks are for my lovely man himself and after much deliberation,  which meant taking the skein out, admiring it, and putting it back in the box before pulling it out again, I have decided to go with my only skein of dark blue Wollmeisse sock.

 Did I mention I love sock yarns, especially handpainted, and especially less readily affordable available ones? I hope the man appreciates how lucky he is to be getting to wear THIS yarn on HIS feet! Why does his look so funny capitalized? HIS his His?

The gift knit is going to be the Sallah cowl which I'll put away for Helen.
Still deliberating over the yarn for this one. I was planning on the lovely ArwenMakes sparkly sock which I acquired over here, or the one skein of Fiberworks Spirit Trail Helen (see why - Helen for Helen, yes?). 

Although I'm changing my mind even whilst I type and now thinking Sallah cowl for Jen in the sparkly sock as she looks so good in those jewel reddish tones, and something else in the Fiberworks for Helen at a later date? Whatever, the Fiberworks is definitely Helen's, but I really want to get to knitting with the sparkle yarn.....

Instant gratification/to wear/pleasure knits? Well instant gratification includes instant decision making so no idea on that one yet, but I am leaning towards the February baby sweater from the Elizabeth Zimmerman almanac. Well it's definitely the month for it. And I do have a choice of two babies to knit for :)

Well I can't get started on these until I finish those pesky January socks can I? Although I will admit I kind of enjoy knitting them when I get past the heel turning, it's that final dash down the home straight isn't it? So anyway, there's my plans for the month ahead, anybody want to share there's?


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Anonymous said...

Ooooh nice yarns! Can't wait to see the finished articles......and, yeah, there is something about hand painted/dyed sock yarn isn't there?! Have a good week of knitting x