Thursday, 7 February 2013

It's going to be a long night.....

Heather has been poorly today.  Lots of time in bed with mama, nursing, or else, as now, curled up on the sofa making little mewling sounds in her sleep. Her temperature is high, 38.5C and higher, and this mama has given paracetamol despite her aversion to the stuff. The whole family worrying about our little girl, memories of her recent stay in hospital are still far too fresh in our minds. Hopefully lots of sleep and mamas milk will do the trick and she will be bouncing fit tomorrow....

Ivy is playing the "lets pretend to sleep" game, falling fast asleep at the breast and then throwing those beautiful blue eyes wide open the moment I lay her down. Luckily she's such a sociable little thing that she is happy to be with daddy or big sisters and brothers whilst mama lies with her poorly sister.

Helen is out on a first date. Only the cinema with an unknown friend, but still, mama waits for that key in the lock. No matter how old they are, mama worries over these things.

So yes, I'm definitely in fora late, late night....
Although there is a positive  - maybe I'll get chance to look through my new book:


Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I paid a visit to a local yarn store a couple of days ago ;) John was totally shocked - I came out with just the book and 2 pairs of knitpro tips! Not the teensiest bit  of yarn hiding itself in my bag. He checked. Twice.


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