Monday, 4 February 2013

Today was all about......

turning these:
ArwenMakes sparkle sock, Wollmeisse We're different sock, Manos del Uruguay Silk blend DK

into these:
Rubbish colour representation, check above for shade :)
All wound by hand, think I need to get myself a swift and winder.....
but anyhow, now I'm ready for February!

Especially as I finished these at last:
Hard work trying to get a photo of your own feet, especially in slightly too long socks!

Basic ribbed socks in cheapo Cesana Zettl which actually looks pretty nice and feels ok 'ish although a little rough on the hands when knitting 90 rows straight.....

Loving them, nice and masculine, and with a good amount of stretch on my footballers legs! Think one of the males in the family are going to love these too. Now which male to gift them to......?

Sorry for the short and sweet post, bed is finally calling :)


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karisma said...

Oooh I have a bit of winding to do, I always put it off and end up in a tangle. Sigh. The socks turned out great. They look so warm. Middle of summer down here and we just had two days of weather cold enough to wear woollies.