Friday, 22 February 2013


Not a lot of crafting going on around here!
Elastibaby is now developing into velcrobaby. You know elastibaby stage right? The one where you have that invisible elastic band that connects you both? The bands fine when you're both together. You can stretch it a little and pass baby to someone else, maybe even pop into another room? But stretch that elastic too far and baby lets you know with a yowl. Well velcrobaby stage is kind of like that. Only as you know velcro only has two steps - stuck and unstuck. And you know how velcro makes that horrible ripping noise when you unstick it? Well imagine the strength of a whole baby size strip of velcro, and the noise that would make if you separated the two halves........ Yes, we're definitely at velcrobaby stage.

So there, no bloggy updates. No knitting. No crochet. No getting on with the personal monthly challenge. Especially with February's shortage of days.....pfff! Instead I've faffed around, adding a little page at the top. Go see - all about me.Although it's not all that interesting, just thought I'd do one anyway ;)
Oh and I've updated my bloglist - see it over there on the left? If your names there, I read you. If it's not, I probably still do, but I probably lost you in the great computer crash and now you randomly pop up before I can pin you down with a bookmark. Which get deleted. Because it's not my laptop you see. As in aftereffects of the great computer crash. I have to fight for time on the very old laptop bought for a grown girl many years ago.......who can afford her own super sleek version these days.
Anyway, got to go, velcrobaby has noticed the separation.

Leaving you with a very pleased boy:

You wouldn't believe how long he's been trying this!

Well whats a blog post without a picture to look at :)

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Pippa said...

Hi Becks, thanks for your comments on my blog. Yes, I left you on the list (left over from the last time I went private) as I guessed that you're probably not an axe murderer and if you ever wanted to pop over to my blog, you'd be very welcome, hope you didn't mind.

I like the term Velcrobaby! xx