Friday, 15 February 2013

Friday fun and fluff-ups


Looking beautiful in big sister's make up

Looking beautiful whilst blowing raspberries


Do you see that KNIT stitch right in the centre of the stocking stitch column...grrr!

OK so it's only one stitch, the photo's taken pretty close up to see it, and only I know it's there - but I KNOW it's there! Hmm, can I ignore it or do I look for a 2mm crochet hook to fix it? At least it's on a stocking stitch section so it'll be easy to do ;) Easier than threading the 140sts of the baby blanket BACK onto the circular needle. Well if you leave your knitting under a magazine, at the bottom of a project bag, at the back of the sofa, then you can't blame a little person for deciding to have a root around......just before she wanders off to do her make up....... :)

And seeing as I have a cherrypicker in my yard and a gang of men on my roof right now I guess a bad stitch and some picked up stitches are the least of things that could go wrong today.......



karisma said...

Can I just arggghhhh. Love the way you threw that in after all the cuteness. Yes nobody else will notice it but I totally feel your pain, I would notice it too if I did it which in fact I did yesterday. I however noticed it a few rows on and managed undo and fix. If I was in your predicament I would leave it alone. Most people really do not look that closely. (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

Oooh I can see it....but only just! I was too busy smiling at how cute your kids are :)
If I was you I'd call it a 'design feature', and be done with it x x x